TEIJA offers the modern woman that ever elusive combination - style, quality and comfort. Inspired by her Nordic roots, TEIJA’s designs offer a playful and artistic take on timeless Scandinavian style. The strong silhouettes belie the fact that these are clothes that are designed to be worn; with practicality and function at the core of the designer’s process.
Luxury is literally woven into the quarterly collections. With signature hand finished details, from ruffles and pleats to the intricacy of the seams, TEIJA’s artisanal approach is palpable. Fabrics are carefully considered to offer the ultimate combination of premium quality and sustainability. Craftsmanship is key to the TEIJA brand and factories and collaborators are chosen with care. With such principled attention to detail, TEIJA’s customers know that each piece is designed and produced with only the highest standards at heart.
The TEIJA woman cares about design, art and craftsmanship and channels this in her wardrobe. Nordic inspired minimalism evolves with each collection, with feminine shapes and statement volume creating the foundations of a capsule wardrobe that ecompasses elevated daywear, relaxed evening wear and timeless outerwear and accessories.
Renowned for a hand smocked finish, TEIJA designs are recognisable for their drapes, flounces and ruffles, combined with an atelier approach to finishing that you would expect from the most traditional couture workshop. Virgin wool, sustainably grown cashmere, silk and traceable cotton; luxurious fabrics underpin the brand - the feel of the fabric against the skin and how the clothes feel on the body is as important to TEIJA as how each piece looks.
Favouring a slow process, with small production runs, the TEIJA woman knows that she is investing in exclusive, luxury pieces that will last for years. Careful consideration is given to the longevity of the pieces, with dyes chosen for their colour fastness and an atelier - like repair service, these are clothes that you will cherish for decades, retaining their elegance season after season.
Stocked worldwide in a range of exclusive boutiques and department stores, TEIJA’s appeal to the modern woman is unquestionable.
Editorial Words By Katy Lassen